About Us

Author: Clive Burkinshaw

Clive: husband, friend and dad; the meditative one in the family. Keeping peace and calm… most of the time. Ready to learn and fix anything (mostly requests from the children). Loves a challenge! A bit old school, but keeps an eye on the present and future. (added by Jolene: extremely kind, gentle, patient, and caring to all he meets)

Skills: Photography, teaching English (TEFL), writing, poetry, story-telling, vehicle management, bookkeeping, stores management, sales, merchandising, PC builds and repairs, network hardware installation, general office administration, retail stock control, driver, construction, HGV Class 1 truck driver (Heavy Goods Vehicle)… generally do what it takes to succeed. 

Jolene (Joe): mom, wife, friend, diplomat, negotiator, and a host of other skills to form this family. Passionate and motivated, looking for a way to make life better and more fair. Always looking out to help the helpless and defend the victims. A soft heart with a strong will. 

Skills: Writing, editing, proofreading, Website set-up and design, SEO, organising, event management, teaching.

Luke: the oldest of the four has adopted this role in style. Level-headed and cautious, he quietly watches after his siblings and teaches them with a natural tenderness. A good sense of humour and a quick wit makes him fun company. A smart and deep thinker. His curiosity about life is his energy.

Alysia: “To be or not to be, this is the question.” A free spirit and wondering personality makes Alysia flow from being a Princess to a playful companion to a puppy effortlessly. Energising and engaging her surroundings shapes who she is. Positive and happy, loving and kind, ready and able. Creativity and artistic flair are her shadows.

Gabrielle: no mountain too high, no river too wide… Gabby (as we call her) doesn’t see obstacles, she sees challenges to overcome. A passionate people and (maybe more so) animal person means she’s often helping someone or something. Creative and artistic endeavours draw in on her personality to round off her strong will, and sometimes strong desire to be the absolute best she can be. 

Ezekiel: with an older brother and two older sisters he gets the best of all worlds. He can be sensitive and caring, then fast and furious, before sliding in to the craft-room to paint up a storm. He loves life and lives BIG. We think he was born with extra batteries, but we haven’t checked. Outdoors is where he’d rather be if he has to choose. 

Our Story:

We are an adventurous fun family of six, originally from the gorgeous countryside of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. We were living in Spain from 2018 to 2021 >> with the plans to travel through Europe, as a starting point for our passionate dream to explore and experience the real world, giving of ourselves as we go. 

But we are now (from December 2021) on a different adventure to build up resources since Covid-19 hit us badly (as it did to so many people). Clive is in the UK working there and the rest of us are in South Africa near family. We are planning on being united soon, and to then start a new season in our journey to discover the world.

We Worldschool our four incredible children, and believe in life-lead learning, especially from nature. We love to spend as much time in natural environments as we can. Our life is simple, minimalistic, vegetarian / vegan (whole food plant-based), and we are passionate advocates for peaceful parenting and non-violence in every aspect of life.

We endeavour to fervently live a natural, peaceful, creatively fun, and adventurous life.